Helping You Help In Haiti

Deep River Mission was created as an opportunity for followers of Jesus Christ to be able to share their God-given gifts and talents with the peoples of Haiti, for the glory of God.

The needs in Haiti are extraordinary.

Education is limited in Haiti; few schools are free, preventing many children from attending as their families cannot afford to pay for tuition, books and uniforms. Also, the educational system isn’t necessarily adapted to local needs. There is a need in helping small businesses to develop and thrive so they can support their surrounding communities.

But the greatest need of the Haitian people is encouragement for the believers there and the need to share the Gospel with those who have never heard.

Who We Are

Michael Worthing, a man seeking to serve God with his talents and resources, had a burden for the nation of Haiti and its people. One man answering God’s call to go and serve has blossomed into Deep River Mission, a multifaceted, gospel-driven ministry operated by an executive board with a wide array of professional backgrounds.

What We Do

In 2014, we built a mission house designed to accommodate short term mission groups who have a passion to minister to the Haitians with their God-given talents. In 2017, we expanded our outreach by sponsoring a secondary school through a partnership with a local church pastor.

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