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Our Story


Our Vision

Deep River Mission was created as an opportunity for followers of Jesus Christ to be able to share their God-given gifts and talents with the peoples of Haiti, for the glory of God.


Our Name

Deep River Mission was named after God's healing river referenced in Ezekiel 47.

"As the man went eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he measured off a thousand cubits[a] and then led me through water that was ankle-deep. He measured off another thousand cubits and led me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another thousand and led me through water that was up to the waist. He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross.."

Our prayer is that God would make all of us at Deep River Mission dispensers of His living, healing water. Come visit DRM! But you may find that you can't just dip your toe in...

Our Origins

For many years, Michael Worthing had a burden for the nation of Haiti and its people. As a man seeking to serve God with his abilities and resources, he made trips for years to the island country, leading building projects, creating a network, and pouring time and energy into lifting up the people of an impoverished nation.

Slowly but steadily, others grew interested and began to accompany Michael and his wife Nancy on mission trips. A number of church buildings were designed and built, and at the initiative of Tina Saniewski, medical missions followed. Soon, regular trips were being scheduled, and dozens of fellow workers and believers from Mike’s home church, Christ the King in Denville, NJ, and other places began to take part in a burgeoning ministry.

Among the many challenges of working in Haiti – and there are many! – was procuring comfortable and reliable housing that would be affordable, safe, and a stable base of operations. From this, Deep River Mission was born; a mission house out of which believers from all over could exercise their God-given gifts in service to the people of Haiti.

Michael and Nancy Worthing

Michael and Nancy Worthing


Our Home

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Mike designed a building that could accommodate groups seeking to minister. Deep River Mission is now ready to accommodate church groups, and other ministry non-profits, who are looking for a “base of operations” in the north of Haiti. Groups seeking to minister in education, health, building, church support, and short-term missions will find the Deep River Mission house to be an ideal setting.

A stay at DRM’s gated Mission House includes comfortable lodging in one of our 6 bedrooms, including bath facilities, linens, towels, breakfast, dinner, and clean water. DRM provides a large conference/meeting room; beautiful grounds surrounding the house (suitable for athletic events); and even a restful, modern pool!

Ready to book your stay? Visit DRM's contact page to submit a reservation request!