About Haiti

With an estimated population of 10 million people, more than half of the population lives on 20% of the land. Haiti is the most densely populated region in the western hemisphere with 200 people per square mile in these areas. 98% of the land is deforested.

Deep River Mission, located in the north (outside of Cap Haitien), is a destination for those seeking housing and logistical support for mission and ministry trips.

More helpful information can be found at Haiti Hub. Here is health information from the CDC website for those traveling to Haiti.




6.2 million people live below the poverty line


44% of Haiti's population lacks basic literacy


The formal unemployment rate is 70% nationally

Shortened Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is age 56 for women and 52 for men


An estimated 300,000 children are child laborers or “restavecs” (another name for child slaves)

Access To Heatlhcare

60% of people, primarily in the rural areas, lack access to basic healthcare services

Child Mortality

1 out of every 8 children die before they reach age 5. Haiti has the highest rates of infant, under-five, and maternal mortality in the western hemisphere.

Lack of Education

Only a little over half primary school-aged children are enrolled in school; less than 2 percent of children finish secondary school.

Life-Threatening Illness

Diarrhea, respiratory infections, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are the leading causes of death